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Yacht race: RORC Caribbean 600 news

A magnificent race between 4 Maxi72s came to a decision on the 3rd day of RORC Caribbean 600 when Proteus of George Sakellaris was the very first Maxi72 to end the race at 02:00:22:16, only over twenty minutes ahead of Momo of Dieter Schön, keeping Jethou of Sir Peter Ogden in the third spot.
By the Thursday afternoon, Proteus (United States) was announced the overall winner under IRC Rating regulation as the remaining squads would not be able to better Proteus’ adjusted time. It is the 2nd time that George Sakellaris has captained the overall winner, becoming victorious in the 2014 race along with Maxi72, Shockwave.
Proteus was also the champion of the greatly competitory IRC Zero class featuring 4 Maxi72s. Sakellaris said that he would prefer to congratulate all challengers for attending this type of a great, great event. He is happy to have been part of this. They got a bit lucky and won the day, but this event has several top sailors and teams. He is very happy and he expects to see you next year.

Stu Bannatyne, the Proteus afterguard, explained that they were assembled as the highest stability boat and that showed on race course. Whenever the circumstances were pressed up, they felt that they had a little edge in speed. However, these boats are not made to be up for a six-hundred mile race; they have little concedings for sailing offshore. The prize ceremony of the RORC Caribbean 600 would take place this night, and all of the class winners have now been decided.

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