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Story Of A Rescue Mission

The story about two women being stranded about five months at sea due to an emergency beacon that was not activated is rampant as they have been recently rescued by the US Coast Guards. The two women, Tasha and Jennifer are mariners who had an emergency position indicating radio beacon aboard their vessel but that was not activated. It even had proper registrations. The emergency beacon is a must in sailing vessels and can help raise alert among rescue locations anywhere around the world if an emergency situation arises. The beacon works by transmitting a message in codes via the 406 MHz frequency which is picked up by earth stations and satellites and is then transmitted to a rescue center that is nearby.

After the rescue the emergency beacon was examined and found that it was working. Hence, many are puzzled as to why the beacon was not activated in the first place. As per a statement released by the women on board, they stated that they had not activated the beacon since their boat had been damaged but was still able to travel the waters. They had a food supply with them as well as a way to generate fresh water. They were hopeful that they would be able to make it to a safe haven by themselves. They felt that they should not call for help unless they were in a life threatening situation. A fishing boat had finally located them that were from Taiwan. While being towed their boat suffered extensive damage; there was a May Day call placed to a US Navy ship after that. Indeed, the boat had been able to survive the high seas even amidst shark attacks and other dangers; the women crew lost their radio equipment as well and was surviving with their two pet dogs on board.

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