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Sailing Ramp Damage Fixed

There was damage done to an Olympic sailing ramp just before the Games began, but this has not deterred the competitions in any way. There had been a temporary sailing ramp that had been built for the sailing venue, but the Olympic committee had confirmed that the sailing competitions would not be deterred in any way for the damage.

This happened at the end of the previous month when the main ramp that was built by Marina da Gloria suffered damage due to the big waves and high tides. However, IOC stated that the preparations that were on for the sailing races would ensure that the damages were fixed and repairs completed well before the races.

The spokesman for IOC told Croatia Yacht Charter that such things often happen in the run up period for the games. He stated that there need not be much fuss made out of this. It would not affect training or competition sessions. With a full team working on the repairs the committee had been confident that the ramp would be fully operational well before the games. Brazil has also been facing political and economic problems.

Hence, in the run up to hosting one of the biggest events in world sports, there were several hurdles that the country faced. They had metro extensions that had to be completed as well as venues that had to be set up in time before the epic event commenced. At the time when the ramp collapsed there were concerns as to whether anyone had been hurt.

Also, there were questions raised as to the quality of the construction and whether there would be similar concerns in infrastructure in other places. However, with the races full on now, all those concerns are being put to the back bender now.

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