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Maserati Cape Town Sailing Concluded

After five days of tough completion; sailing week of The Maserati Cape Town came to an end. Participants in the race were from various countries and a total of 32 Yacht participated in it.

All the participants performed really well and made the event successful. There was no incident seen during the race and it concluded amid great euphoria. Name of race is ‘South Africa’s premier yachting regatta’. Prominent sailors from around the world participated in it.

South Africa’s premier yachting regatta’ will be followed by Cape2Rio race that will eliminate participants as it will move toward finals. Cape2Rio will start in the New Year.

Simon Borchert the Race Director of the event said “Successful completion of the event is another milestone achieved by sailing regatta of South Africa’s premier yachting. The sailors have broken their comfort zone and now more and more experienced sailors are coming in the regatta. The sailors are coming from all over the world and this is playing an important role in the development of the regatta. After competing in this race, the selected players will go to Cape to Rio race, which is again to be a big event.”      

The course has been set by the organizer looking at weather condition and wind situation. For us each match was important. Along with that sailors comfort was also taken on priority. Every day of course was selectively done by the event organizer analyzing the condition of wind as well as complete weather condition.

Borchert further added that “The racing at the event was competitive and all participant sailors performed really well. The competitive sailing made the event spectacular for viewers as well and thus the public was present in large number to see the event. Every year the regatta is growing, as the number of both the participants and public are growing.”

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