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London Boat Show’s New Partnership Expected To Fill The Gap Left By The London Boat Show

London waters yacht fest goes on a search for new sponsors. Their ex-sponsors seem to be expressing less interest in sponsoring them again. The boat show is looking forward to bringing in new companies in the field of yachting so their show will enhance its quality by a time at least. But unfortunately, they had earlier reached a situation where they harbored thoughts to cancel the London Boat Show due to lack of support from the marine industry.

London Boat Show at St Katherine Dock is implementing a form of the boat show, where delivering a luxury event is their main motto. From high-end entourage to luxury cars, this year’s LOWBS will exhibit it all. This venture will provide a platform for the exhibitors to yacht builders and service providers to participate in shaping and developing LOWBS in future. The CEO of the British Marine Lesley Robinson mentioned how delighted he is to receive an opportunity to partner up with the LOWBS. After the London Boat Show, 2019 was canceled Ian Cooke headed a working group to explore more chances to identify for the other sectors. This year’s London waters exhibition is considered to be one of the most impacting yacht exhibitions.

Luxury watches are in addition a lookout during this year’s LOWBS. The fifth LOWBS will take place between May 9-12. This year is special as there are inclusions of more live events and demonstrations. The motto is set to bring in inspiration for the folks to invest and build a yacht in the marine seas. LOWBS show turns out to be a festival that is much more than a boat show. More information is available on

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